7: Syntax and Semantics of Adjectives

Alexander Pfaff (Tromsø/Reykjavík)

With a few exceptions, adjectives were larely ignored in the main stream literature for a long time – and undeservedly so. Adjectives pose a range of fascinating problems and challenges to Linguistic Theory, syntactically, semantically, morphologically, and typologically. The very label ‘adjective’ is problematic in certain instances.

In recent years, this has changed and much intensive research into the various aspects of adjectives has been conducted, often with surprising results. This workshop aims at providing a forum to present and discuss current research on the syntax and semantics of adjectives. Central questions we seek to address include, but are not restricted to:

  • The internal and external syntax of adjectives
  • (Morpho-) Syntactic decomposition of adjectives/AP
  • The extended adjectival projection
  • Adjective or determiner?
  • Position & function of APs within the extended nominal projection
  • (Dis-) Concord/Agreement within the DP
  • “Attributive” vs. “predicative” adjectives
  • Structure-meaning correlations how does the structural configuration determine the interpretation of the adjective/DP?
  • Two sources of adnominal adjectives? (cf. Cinque 2010)
  • Prenominal vs. postnominal adjectives
  • Referential properties of DP (generic, specific, unique, salient …) and the (non-) contribution of the adjective
  • Comparative aspects of adjectives (all possible readings!)