A tour to Reykjanes Peninsula and Conference Dinner at the Blue Lagoon

We will start our tour by exploring the Reykjanes Peninsula, it offers an extreme variety of landscapes dotted with fissures, lava fields and geothermal activity. We will go along the coast and stop and explore few selected places like Sandvík where you get the opportunity to walk over a symbolic footbridge which crosses a fissure which provides clear evidence of the rift between the European and the North American tectonic plates, Reykjanesviti which is one of the oldest lighthouses in Iceland and more. Then we will enjoy all the qualities the Blue Lagoon has to offer! The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal spa situated in the youngest lava field in west Iceland. Once there you have many recreational options such as walking in the Blue Lagoon’s spectacular surroundings, bathing in the milky blue-green water, relax in a geothermal steam bath or release the stress from your shoulders under a Blue Lagoon waterfall. At last we will enjoy together a conference dinner in the unique Blue Lagoon resort from the LAVA restaurant.

Date: Friday August 15, 2014
Tour A:
Departure: 14:30
Price per person:   ISK 19.500
Included: Bus, guidance, bathing entrance fee to the Lagoon and 3 course conference dinner without wine.

Tour B:
Departure:  16:00
Price per person:   ISK 14.000
Included: Bus, guidance and 3 course conference dinner without wine.

Duration:  7 – 9 hrs

Golden Circle Tour

This popular excursion introduces you to some of the best known historical sites and natural phenomena in Iceland.
We will start by visiting Nesjavellir, a high temperature geothermal area in the scenic landscape of Lake Thingvallavatn. From there we will go to the Thingvellir National Park, where the Icelandic Parliament Althing was founded in the year 930 AD. Thingvellir is a geological marvel and its tectonic plate boundaries form breathtaking scenery. We will then continue to the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall, where we will be able to walk so close to the edge that we might even feel the mist of the glacial water on our faces.
From Gullfoss we will drive towards the geothermal area around the incredible spouting hot springs of Geysir and Strokkur. We proceed to Skálholt church, the ancient seat of the Icelandic bishops. From there we travel towards Hveragerði, a small and charming horticultural village.

Date: Saturday August 16, 2014
Departure: 08:30
Price per person: ISK 9.500
Included:  Bus and guidance
Duration: 8–9 hours