Contributions to the conference are organised into 46 different sessions – see list below.

1 Geographies of crisis

2 Placing the global financial crisis

3 Neo-liberal responsibilisation, devolution and capacity limits

4 Remnants of the welfare state?

5 Feeling in common: making and enacting convivial spaces

6 Place, economy and sustainability: relations, regulations, responsibilities

7 Rural-urban linkages: beyond the rural-urban dichotomy

8 Innovation and entrepreneurship in small regions

9 Demographic change: times of crisis or times of innovation for regional development?

10 Exploring time-geography

11 Enclosing resources: financializing (second) nature

12 Governance and networks for the ‘green economy’: initiatives and projects in regions and places

13 Unfolding geographies of (renewable-) energy governance

14 Upstream view on Europe’s energy: the environment, space and security

15 Landscape histories of rural-urban interfaces

16 Agricultural landscape geography: taking responsibility in the face of strong land use and land cover change

17 Property, ownership and responsibility for land in historical perspective

18 Ecosystem changes, past and present

19 Soil development, management, restoration and rehabilitation

20 Natural hazards, risks and responses

21 Invasive life and biosecurity conflict

22 Fearful empires and geographies of whiteness

23 In the wake of colonialism: violence, immigration and neoliberalism in Europe

24 Mobility, security, territory & post-politics

25 Responsible mobilities

26 Approaching critical mobilities research: questions of responsibility

27 Mobility research and mobile methods: social spatial influence of new transport infrastructure

28 Tourism for northern peripheries?

29 Controversial geographies of tourism

30 Gendered mobility in the North

31 – 32 Spatialising gender relations and processes

33 Responsible geographies of gender and space: practices of home and belonging

34 Contemporary geographies of children and young people: present and future challenges

35 Public art and accountability: whose art for whose city?

36 Sonic responses to nonrepresentational concerns

37 Critical geography and visual methodologies

38 Emotions, space and memory: in search for methodological openings

39 Geography and education

40 GIS and education

41 Nature conservation and tourism

42 Maps, memories and place making: the praxis of participatory mapping and the interface of action-oriented research and the discipline of Geography

43 Responsible landscape geographies (Panel session)

44 Publishing (in) Nordic geography journals: meeting current challenges (Panel session)

45 Inaugural ACME Lecture

46 Poster exhibition