Instructions for paper presentations


Computers and projectors are available in every room.

Recommended software is PowerPoint or Acrobat.

It is recommended to bring files used for the presentation on a USB stick and to upload these to the computers provided. The files should be uploaded to an appropriate folder on the desktop prior to the session. It is also possible to connect a labtop to the computer system.

For uploading files, please consult the chair(s) of the session.  Assistants will also be available if needed.

It is also possible to send the file in advance to the conference organisers at, if this is done at least one day in advance. Please name your file with the label of the session and the name of the first author. (Example: C17_John_Johnson)

Please be sure to be in the room of your session at least 10 minutes before the session starts.

Each session is 1 ½ hour in length. On average, there are 4 presentations in each session. The average time for a presentation (discussions included) is thus approximately 20 minutes. However, the sessions may be organised in different ways. Please contact the organiser(s)/chair(s) of your session for more accurate and further instructions.