Conference venue

The conference venue is a building called Lögberg. Most of the conference will take place on the ground floor where the main entrance is but one session will be in room 201 on the first floor.

Dinner will be served in the university canteen Háma, which is in a relatively new building called Háskólatorg, just west of Lögberg. Participants in the conference will be given food tickets to buy dinner for up to 1500 ISK every day. The menu in Háma can be seen here.

To get an overview of the university campus, click here.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held in the seafood restaurant Messinn, Grandagarði 8. The restaurant is in the harbor area in the northwest corner of Reykjavík, known as Grandinn. To go there from the town center, start in Hafnarstræti just north of Lækjartorg. Walk Hafnarstræti to the west until it ends in Ingólfstorg, take a right turn to Vesturgata, walk Vesturgata until it comes to an end and then turn right and walk past the Saga Museum (Sögusafnið). Then you should be able to see Messinn on your right, just behind Bryggjan brugghús. Please note that Messinn has another restaurant in Lækjargata, which is not the one we are going to.

Google map

Click here to go to a map that shows the most important locations relating to the conference.