Luísa Costa Gomes

luisa_costa_gomesLuísa Costa Gomes, Portuguese writer, born in Lisbon, June 1954.

She graduated in Philosophy and taught Philosophy and Psychology for ten years in Secondary School. She has published 5 collections of short stories, 6 novels, 10 plays, the libretto for White Raven, the 1998 opera by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson and a libretto for a cantata by Portuguese composer Luís Bragança Gil, that she has also staged. Her last novel, A Pirata, 2006, (The Pirate) is a fictional biography of the notorious Mary Read, who led an adventurous life in the Army in the Netherlands, later joined the crew of John Rackam and died in prison in 1721. Her latest book of stories is Setembro, 2007, (September), a collection much about writing. A consistent writer of comedy, Luísa Costa Gomes has often been commissioned to write plays and monologues for Theatre companies and solo actors. Life of Ramón, the fictional biography of  XIIIth century Catalan philosopher Ramón Llull, has been translated into Catalan, Dutch and French (at Gallimard), and An Education for Sadness, her 1998 novel, has been translated into Spanish by Alianza Editorial. Several of her plays are translated into English. In the year 2000 she started the short story book form magazine Ficções, the only literary magazine solely dedicated to the short story in Portugal. In these pages you will find two of her short stories translated into English and German and also excerpts of some of her plays translated into English and Italian.

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